Gold and silver, jewels and material possessions,

Lovers, houses and land

All the riches and wealth of the world;

What honestly counts in life,

What truly matters above all things,

What can carry us safely into eternity?

A sparrow builds its nest

Quickly, tirelessly

Ready just in time for the eggs;

Baby chicks are born

Babies are fed

And new birds fly off into the winds;

One may fall to the ground

But others soar swiftly

Always in God’s care, in His hands

Looked after for by their Maker

Watched over meticulously by their Creator!

Are humans more valuable, more precious than birds,

Even in persecution and refuge as strangers in the world

In life and death;

Eternity literally turns on the balance-

To fall to the Earth in complete loss

Or to soar into the arms of Heaven

As their steadfast Shepherd and Lord waits.


Seeds of trust must be sown in prayer

Seeds of Truth sown far and wide

Good seeds watered daily,

Whether in motives tainted or motives pure

Holy Words of Life must be spoken

Holy Words of life must be written and shared,

Living Bread must be broken and multiplied

God’s Truth must fly out on Spirit wings of love,

Scattered at times by all the four winds

Over plains, over mountains

Over rivers, over oceans,

Divine revelation of Truth stands alone always, as Truth.

The King of every messenger

Sovereign One over every method

Holy Prince of Peace more than able to sift

And separate the grain from the waste,

The believer from the pretender

The good from the evil

And the sheep from the goats;

Our Lord of Justice more than able

To call each one of His own by name.