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Humility in complete, transparent honesty before His Throne

Perseverance endures the test of faithfulness

Endurance rests in the ultimate victory already experienced,

The good seed of  knowledge deep within

Daily celebrates the triumph of His Cross

And the resurrection celebration of eternal life,

In the complete and finished work of Messiah

Now lived out by generation after generation,

Tribes of truth throughout the Earth multiply

As the foundation Apostles spread out wider and farther

Disciples continually birthed;

The sun and moon and stars in harmony,

Truth displayed brilliantly across all the night sky

Repeated in the dazzling sunrises

Seen from the very first age

The greatest mystery revealed as treasure to mankind

Living Words given to penetrate the human heart and soul,

God’s Holy Spirit given to creatively flow without end;

Nothing, no spirit being can dam up or divert the stream of life,

Oh, purest river from beneath the Throne of Grace

Bringing new life to all it touches

Even to every willing heart,

The fragile, tender souls of you and me.