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*Comment–    “Understanding the dark conspiracies of the money people, the false religious people and the empire building, power grabbers of the world has little practical value.  What counts is simply knowing the Lord, experiencing His Holy Spirit and living out the life He uniquely has for you in growing, maturing  faithfulness.  What matters is to prayerfully, intimately know Yeshua Messiah,  Israel’s eternal King!”

The steady flow of a stream

Rises into a river’s torrent,

As an army moves in total confidence

Soldiers with constant assurance

Warriors with a ready vision of victory;

A favorite melody of clear trumpet sounds

Thunders along with songs of triumph,

Unshakeable stillness settled calmly within the hearts

Quieted, disciplined strengths as thoughts of Divine plans

Works of God made known

True works of lasting purposes shown

In Holy Words of power unmatched

Kingdom secrets revealed to the willing, those chosen

Worthy vessels of trust, vessels of Truth

Rich men and women who see by Heaven’s Light

The radiant beauty of their King of Creation,

Reality burns brightly before them

Carries above and beyond every mountain!

They rise up in clearest freedom, Spirit led

They sit and rest, Holy Spirit led

They speak and write and act, Spirit led;

We all come together, led individually by our Shepherd Messiah

Controlled by greater love, in greatest peace,

Greater wisdom washes down from above

Cleanses as Light purely moves through Earth’s prism,

A true fountain of life flows from beneath the Holy Throne;

Guided by the sharpest Sword of eternal purpose- the “Word made flesh”,

Filled by the abundant revelation of victory through the Cross

And the holy fire of love that compels,

The fearless holy fire of zeal that consumes each one of us.