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The Living Church -Body of Messiah

Destined for glory,

Bowed in humility

Arms extended in love, above in worship

Continual prayer, continual praise

A song of goodness always upon the lips,

Tested, refined as gold, as silver pulled from a furnace,

Invincible, the heart and soul bursting with the Light of Heaven;

Who could have known

Who could ever have understood

The greatness of our God,

The Majesty of the Holy One

Israel’s Shepherd of Peace;

His arms of love strong about us,

Even His eternal servants.

Once “strangers and aliens” in the world,

Any persecution, pain and suffering are left behind

Tears of Joy and delight now on tiptoes for Heaven’s children,

The wonder of “being”,

Glory of His beautiful Presence

Our future, our destined Hope

The pure golden crown of life

Placed in loving kindness upon our heads,

To forever be where He is

To eternally know Him

Our Father, our Lord,

Our purest pleasure in existence!