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In the touch of kindness of another

Gentle hand of caring freely given

Tender with the needs of a brother

Sensitive with a beautiful spiritual sister,

Pure wisdom enables,

Even the inner presence of God’s Spirit;

The One who has held your own hand

Since the beginning

When the way was dark

The many footsteps lost in this world;

Then, the Voice of faith was heard

Grace to believe received

And the darkness became Light.

All fear fled the Holy Presence

Numbing worry became a calming peace,

Anxiety and mental confusion

Settled as ocean waves after a storm

Life itself became daily a delight

Like a pleasant walk along the sandy beaches

Leading to an endless walk through an exquisite garden;

When the spirit of Messiah descended from above

And entered the very heart of the soul

This life became an eternal adventure,

The mystery of the Cross

A mystery no more.

Death to self opens Heaven’s door

The life of Yeshua, Living Bread

The Words of Messiah, Living Water,

Kingdom power now reigns in sovereignty

Kingdom authority like a fine tent that covers

All in the most sensitive touches of our true King

With another delicate new born child.

One gift after another given

One more man learns to purely love

And another woman learns to be purely loved;

Both stand strong to worship

As meaning for our existence becomes crystal clear,

Radiant Godly ones now set apart

Precious jewels kept by and for the Lord!