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More than the human soul can ever grasp

Even imagination run to its limits,

The Glory Light that consumes all,

Just as the river of fire flows beneath the Holy Throne

The Ancient of Days, Majesty upon His Throne,

Almighty Father, One with His Son

As Holy Spirit power proclaims authority, greatness above all,

In all and through all;

The Father’s will from beginning to the end

Spoken through His only Son,

Infinite Creation spoken into being-

His command given,

“Water, Blood and Spirit”

And, then it all appeared!

Our God who is Love and Justice

Has triumphed in mercy over judgment

Messiah’s Cross stands alone high above Mount Zion,

Grace in victory over our sinful human nature,

And its dark predator;

His greatness is unsearchable

Yet, is experienced in His beautiful love given

In humility received,

The Shepherd’s love shown in richest tenderness

Tasted in His priceless mercy

Daily lived out in His wealth of gentleness

Displayed in His absolute faithfulness

Known in His invaluable kindness.


The Living Light radiates from Mount Zion

His Truth flows out from Jerusalem

His pure beauty

Reflected even now in His Creation

The sky above, the earth below

Everything that draws breath,

The hands of His artistry in each one of us,

He alone is worthy of praise, every song and melody,

To be honored above all

To be exulted by all

To be worshiped as all in all;

In choosing us, in choosing you and me

To know Him

To be safely within His Holy Kingdom priesthood

As true living sacrifices,

On His altar we offer our all

To our King of Greatness,

Our Lord and our God!