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On an early morning drive to work

Along a quiet country road,

Moments before sunrise

The full moon slowly drifts behind some clouds;

Suddenly a rabbit darts in front

Startled by my bright lights,

Somehow it races to the other side unharmed!

A little gasp and shake of the head

And the morning meditations settle back within

Kingdom Words, Kingdom parables of Lordship

Thoughts of my true King’s return to Earth

His millennial reign in His Jerusalem

And all the many birth pangs involved,

Israel and Jerusalem, heaven above and the earth below

All Creation certainly rising on tiptoes;

Rapture confusion

The Body of Believers worldwide

Struggling with patience and complacency, then darting about

Chasing after one light here, another there,

So many wrestle with early signs and wonders

Things that are puzzling and perplexing

Even when the Shepherd’s hand is held out so near,

Many are reacting and then over reacting

One foot in Heaven with the other “dancing with the World”.

As we’ve been taught the trees have new buds forming

Hopefully summer is coming with flowers and good fruit

And eventually a new heaven and a new earth as spoken,

As promised with Divine authority;

Holy Spirit strength now fixed within the heart

The human spirit understands and can endure

Daily joined together with knowledge of Messiah

Just as Israel’s rebirth spoken and written long ago;

Yes summer feels, seems very near

On this new day the path, the narrow road made precisely clear.