Truth shines brighter

Brighter than the sun on the face

Much, much brighter within the heart

Restful eternal warmth on any cold worldly day;

Yet, a constant threat to the wicked

Naked exposure to the evil ones who surround

Shameful revealing to the political, economic and religious controllers

God haters, death lovers.

Heaven’s Light carries us upwards

Far away from death below,

Dazzling reflections from streets of gold

Jeweled foundations of the New Jerusalem soon to descend on powerful wings,

New risen life of the First Born glows brightly

Stands with greatest strength on Holy Spirit Truth

The One who fills the Universe with His Majesty watches all

Blazing eyes of fire penetrate every heart and soul

Sifts and sorts all the evil,

The stubborn and rebellious

The scheming and deceitful

The cowards and unbelieving.

As selfish ones are lifted by the hand of the prince of darkness

The Judge stands at the door,

In purity of truth

In power and authority of truth

High above every rainbow

And still, closer than any human heartbeat

Triumph and victory of the Savior, King of Truth

Ready with His most brilliant sword!

The unapproachable Light of God’s Throne

Blinding to all darkness

Illuminating with holiness

For all His honest, transparent chosen ones,

His eternally enlightened ones

Who will see the brightness of Yeshua’s True Glory.