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A satisfying walk along a simple path

Becomes trails that move along with pleasure

Fulfillment, contentment at being alive

In this day, at this time,

As the new heart within grows even stronger

The spirit becomes more sensitive

Delicately, freely expressed in love

Kindness towards those about

Friends or strangers or family

The fellowship of those near and far away.

Peaceful eyes look to the dramatic mountains

And later gaze into the equally dramatic valleys,

Certainly goodness in what has been clearly made

Shaped, formed and precisely created

Even the minute circumstances in a human life

All that was before, all that lies ahead;

As bright eyes continue to drink in the natural beauty

A man’s, a woman’s senses grow more excited

The child-like warmth of inner awareness,

Gladness makes us fully alive

It dances and sings as a rich new song

A melody of royal honor to our God

Like silver threads woven into a golden prayer shawl

Happiness embraced by blessings

That carry with new winds of praise

Prayerfully lift above the world,

And empower each to walk through every earthly trouble or trial

Much as a young child learns to walk,

Then run into his or her parents’ waiting arms.