1.) Sadness instead of gladness

      But another wasted life

      Days lost in wandering

      Early hope in youthful beauty

      Faded so quickly

      All gone so fast

      And what is left

      But fading memories.


      Oh, help me

      Someone help me

      God alone above

      Touch the Earth again

      Wake one soul

      Wake one more

      Help me, oh God!

2.) My mind a prison within

      My heart pleads out loud

      I cry for true freedom

      And no one seems to be  hearing

      A wall  around me

      No door will open

      I’m lost with nothing

      Lonely, just me alone.

3.) The sun must be still shining

      But I can’t see it

      Darkness rules the day

      Children need to play

      Oh, God high in Heaven

      Make the Earth shake

      The mountains tremble

      My heart free and awake.

***In honor of Audrey Munson…