To love more and more

To walk a path of peace and mercy

In step with our Holy Shepherd

Spirit wings given from the Majestic Presence

Power and authority,

More and more His life displayed

Revealed in all His children,

Even in Israel destined for greatness!

Truth becomes Truth

As it dwells within the heart and soul,

And we grow and learn to love the Truth,

“All Scripture God breathed”;

Foundations of Rock

Settle peacefully within the spirit,

More and more as we mature

Abundance becomes even greater abundance

In the revelation of the mysterious greatness of the Lord,

When we daily bow in humility

We begin to soar in the Holy Spirit

Higher and higher in grace

The pure path of obedience

Faithful as the Faithful One

Growing closer and closer to our Lord

More and more.

   The Glory of God is seen in the Light od His Holiness.