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The fragrant incense of prayers

Rises as a cloud of beauty

Up before the Most Holy Throne,

The God of Glory receives each one-

A weak whisper

An aromatic silent cry for mercy

A shout of need as a loud trumpet call

A steady stream from a friend blended with thanksgiving,

From so many lost souls in the desert world

Or ones who have strayed with flooding waters on every side

Things that simply overwhelm,

Others that stand on top of a majestic mountain top

Eyes see very far

Yet, emptiness still gnaws within;

Prayers in the city

Prayers in the country side

From voices both strong and weak

Hands covered in poverty lifted in humility towards Heaven,

With tears for a Savior

Weeping in sorrowful brokenness

Spirits longing for deliverance and freedom in salvation,

Every soul’s yearning for life that is truly life!

The entire world in a deep hunger and endless need for God,

The Earth thirsting for a living, healing Word from the Creator’s Throne;

Then, One suddenly comes to stand upon this earth

As a Shepherd, as a Lamb

And we all see His life blood poured out.

A Redeemer’s blood for Israel,

Redemption for all mankind, for all generations,

Our Messiah strides forth in greatest love

For the destiny of His own

His children whose every human need is held closely to His heart,

His delight in giving us answers to our prayers

Both physically and spiritually

Both now and forever!

**”Prayer is work of the most practical kind.” – Hudson Taylor