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The very Presence of the Lord

Within you,

Peace given, peace received

Taken hold of firmly,

As the greatest treasure in life is revealed

To discover and experience Divine trust and confidence

To taste and see

To receive Godly revelation

And finally understand,

To intimately know the Truth

Fully embrace Eternal Life

And to begin to walk the “Holy Way of the few

All your remaining days

Now, in your Earthly body!

The proof of God’s peace rests always within

Carried wonderfully in the heart

Such a restful touch of Divine Majesty in the soul

As the human spirit is reborn,

Able to soar high above the world

Wings of confidence in purpose

Wings of trust in meaning;

To be able to walk along the shorelines

Along the rivers and streams

Along the roads and highways,

The city streets bustling with so many others.

In comfort and contentment any place at any time

With the Hand of Favor held very close,

Holy Spirit led;

Yes, much peaceful Kingdom of Peace work yet to be done!