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The greatest words spoken

Heavenly breath from within

From the human heart

From the deep waters of the soul and spirit-

“Yeshua Messiah is my Lord!”

The sounds of the winds of eternity

The most gentle, calming  breeze of His Peaceful Presence

Delicate and tender Spirit of Truth

Strong in the songs of Holy Angels

Who rejoice about the Shepherd’s Throne

Place of most powerful worship

Purest expressions of being fully alive

Existing to dance and sing in joy

Sacrifice of obedience the wonderful delight of fellowship,

To praise and bow

In God’s Temple of favor

Celebrating life’s meaning and purpose

In worship of our Life Giver.

Our Savior’s Cross of Triumph stood a towering mountain

That we may know Him

Through salvation’s eternal resurrection victory,

Heaven’s touch that we may be able to believe

Followed by the Gift of Faith

That we may come before Him in Spirit  Truth,

Much more than manna in the desert world

The richest Bread from Heaven given in abundance

Our High Priest and Sovereign King

Over all and in all,

His vast Body of true believers.