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Our songs in continual celebration

Songs in eternal worship,

Joy gathers about the Holy Throne

Life that is True Life

Bursts from the countless ones joined together

As One in the Holy Spirit of Messiah.

How great the triumph

How forever wondrous the victory

Redemption and our refuge paid at the greatest cost

And now seen, an unimagined harvest of human souls and spirits

The ripened fields of the nations,

All resounds in awe throughout the created Universe

As the most bountiful harvest reaped!

Moments without any measure

A chorus is echoed-“Do not fear,

I am near!”- flies forth on angel wings

In musical wonders trumpeted

All the mysteries of the Majestic Gospel

Poured out before all mankind

All lands and all languages rise up in perpetual gladness

In such amazement at being fully alive

And in greatest awe of being before their Lord Yeshua,

Eyes that can see, ears that can hear

The jubilation of melodies in constant music of Temple singing

With new instruments in newest artistry

New voices with many new songs added

While the limitless eternity expands;

Even as New Jerusalem descends in royal splendor

With thunders of glorious praise

A crown of glory for the new heaven promised

And the new Kingdom Earth revealed,

Majestic in unspeakable beauty.