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As time passes

Echoes of sadness grow more faint

In the face of human loss

A relative, a lover, a friend or even a distant enemy,

The pain of the heart grows

When love is deeply wounded;

Then, somehow, hope brings healing

New strength will rise up

Courage to stand once more,

Even if alone, or seeming to be alone

Courage to stand!

In the thundering presence of continual war

Peace glows within

Knowledge of a greater victory rests in the spirit and soul,

The taste of the coming Kingdom

Very sweet indeed;

The Throne of God destined for Zion

True Glory will radiate from the Temple Mount

Jerusalem the crown jewel

Israel the chosen nation, Jews the chosen people

Foreknown and predestined by the Hands of God,

The Kingdom of eternal peace

The Kingdom of Yeshua, the King of Peace,

Messiah’s Throne above all others.