Quiet of the early morning sky

Thin crescent moon above, the towering rock hills far off

A trail of faint color lines the horizon

Beginnings of red,

Beginnings of shades of blue blend into darkness reaching overhead;

An evening owl hoots a few last times

Other birds stir

Cool winter air feels crisp and good,

Frost on the neighbors’ rooftops.

He stands and closes his eyes, prays in a familiar Spirit language;

Who knows what one day brings forth

Who can capture a moment, hold time in his hand,

Or hold a memory forever in the heart,

In a mind that wonders

A soul that yearns and longs.

Divine Trust rules and lords over this new day

Even as the last,

And those many years ago in fresh, vivid detail.

Later, with a tender kiss of love, wife off to work,

With a kiss of Divine Truth my new day unfolds as well

As a gift from God to be gladly unwrapped.