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Our First Love draws us near

Discovered, revealed in tearful moments

Secret, intimate times that awaken in the presence of God;

True love soars above the heavens

Reaches far beyond the world

Place of mere men and women.

Tender hands that cup the oceans

Gentle touch that reaches beyond the stars,

Beyond human imaginations

Creation as dust beneath the Savior’s feet.

In love He made life

Delights in a child before he’s formed in a woman,

Greatest pleasure in the beauty of an eternal daughter

Highest artistic love formed within and shown as a jewel without;

Then, a Spirit breath of powerful love flows from the Throne

And this spirit-soul is birthed

Overflowing from within the child’s being

As angels of the Heavenly Temple watch

And wait while the mysterious moment of new birth unfolds.

A Shepherd’s hand guides each small, wobbly step

Until the Gate of Heaven’s second birth can be seen,

Understood as well

Where eternity stands patiently with treasured salvation

The Hand of kindness holds out with favor the Gift of Life,

Free Gift of lasting love made clearly known

And a human life begins once more,

More than ever hoped for

As the Redeemer’s touch of highest love

Rests forever upon this delicate heart.