Transparent hearts before the Lord

Nothing hidden

Everything exposed and made known

Honesty the Royal Kingdom Rule

In love’s pure vision

Holy eyes that see within

Wisdom from Heaven

Understanding from the Holy One

To see as He sees

At the top of a mountain

In a deepest valley

Within the very seas,

To love as He loves

Compassionate power, kindness of the Shepherd

Truth in blazing eyes sees all.

All worldly lies melt away

Every bit of deceit given wings of desert bats

And simply fly off

All darkness flees the Light

As the Judge stands at the door

Humanity, each man and each woman

To be weighed in the balance of perfection of faithfulness

Life and death in the power of the tongue,

Holy Spirit obedience

All words and deeds and thoughts;

You and I can only bow before Him

And cry “Glory!  Glory!”

             The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness.