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The endless power of love,

True love, honest and selfless love,

Nothing in all creation can contain it

The Universe and beyond

As the Divinely spoken Words continuously grow and expand

From heart to heart, generation to generation

With God’s love poured out into another human life.

One for another as “first love”

A woman for a man

A man for a woman,

Parents for children, children for parents

All for their Living God;

The Holy One from whom all things come

And the Pure One for whom all things come forth!

The Holy Spirit burns brightly in the eternal heart

Life poured out for all mankind

Deliverance from the impossible snare

Redemption at the “highest price”

A Savior from above

Salvation poured out below

In greatest humility,

Mercy for those without any love to return

Without a shred of hope or even reasoned understanding.

The greatest Gift of love from our God-

Spiritual rebirth in Israel’s eternal Messiah,

The Way shown to experience His Divine love daily.

Lifted graciously from the depths of Earth below

Into the highest faithful presence before Heaven’s Throne,

Richest treasures of mercy chosen for the humble ones

Endless wealth for the “poor in spirit”,

Revelation hope of glory for the willing chosen

Who daily hunger and thirst for their God of Love!