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“Cities full of idols,

In the temples, in the marketplaces”,

Yet, new red wine flows freely

As morning joy from the Shepherd’s hand,

Gladness rises within

Like the sun over the Eastern Ridge

Wonderful light to see,

Brilliant light to see warmth again.

The greatest blessing of all

To be alive in the embrace of the Living God

Our Creator of all things

Spirit Words of kindness

Eternal Words of compassion

The only One who cares for us

With arms of love that reach through the Universe.

Holy Spirit Words enter the soul

Messiah’s Light is sown in the heart

Heaven’s Light gives birth in the human spirit;

This Light only grows brighter within

Even eyes glow as lamps with lasting truth

Transparent goodness from Heaven wraps all about.

I stand in strongest love with you and for you

We walk in bold confidence hand in hand

Peace within and shalom without

What truly counts fully alive,

What really matters fully realized

Our only longing and desire overflows the hope given,

Our only lasting treasure.