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A cry in the night

Continues throughout the day-

“Come, our Shepherd!”

Come to us our Shepherd

We stand in worship with arms outstretched

Come, oh Shepherd

Our hearts long, tears flow

Our souls yearn, lips tremble

“Zeal wears us out”,

Hunger and thirst churn within

For You, our Shepherd

For You, oh Lord!

Through the long night

We pour ourselves into the Psalms

David’s Holy Words given him from above

Other Words written so long ago

Spoken purely

Spoken to all with eternal power and authority

Now alive within many of us,

And yet, we need above all,

We need to be closer with our Lord;

Spirit love burns within, an inner painfulness

So many hearts in the nations cry out

Even Israel with prayers as incense and tears that run down cheeks…

Come oh Lord

Come for us oh King,

We have none other

Come near for us oh Holy King,

More than our very lives

We need You!