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A flock of birds lifts high above

Off again on the winds

As desert landscapes flow into the distance

Red rocks of Sedona melt away into the new daylight,

The birds move precisely as wings carry them along as one;

But, for what purpose

What meaning and motive carry them all together,

In such a way?

Unseen things within the heart

Longings come true

Deepest desires and needs realized

Life that is true life, to them made known!

Now treasures in hand

The joy of walking and singing with angels

And even greater things,

To walk hand in hand with the Holy Lord

The One Shepherd who walked the Earth to gather His flock

Maker of all, seen and unseen

Who establishes our footsteps

To walk as He walked, the only honest path of reality,

Through the door of freedom,

His open door,

And down the narrow road of Kingdom Peace.

Winds of the Spirit gently move about

Purest pleasures on a warm and sunny blue sky day;

Far off, ocean waves wash the distant shorelines

All made new and clean

Where children play in endless delight

And parents watch with eyes of wonder

Amazed at the abundance of Divine goodness given to them!

          *The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness.