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Two brought together by invisible hands

As gifts to one another from above

Heart to heart, soul to soul

Body to body,

Marriage from the very hands of God!

Different journeys walked in the past

At times paths of adventure

At times difficult ways, lacking true meaning, greater values

Without lasting purposes entwined as a jasmine near a trumpet vine,

Relationships without roots in solid ground,

Fleeting moments of bright promise

Yet, a strength that fades quickly;

The glow of love mutually embraced

Simply lifts away like the morning dew

As the intensity of the sun’s heat grows into a new day,

The blossoms fall

And the plants wither,

The heart is left empty again.

But Heaven’s gifts soar high above the Earth

Beyond the clouds,

Even the stars;

A man and a woman destined to love

Joined together in covenant marriage

Empowered to love

With all perseverance, wisdom and endurance

Always new disciplined strength given to walk hand in hand

With mutual gladness through garden Earth,

Clear reflections of the first ancient bond,

A path of peace in commitment daily revealed.

Two created to eventually become one

In the unbroken Truth of Living Scriptures

God’s pure promises, His good work made known

Shown in two delightfully becoming one,

A crystal delight free of time and place

Free of sight and sound,

Innocently an eternal delight of human spirits

In Holy Spirit love.