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Sealed by Messiah’s supernatural peace

Covered by God’s pure love

Even in times like these,

As the final journey has begun

Wonder after wonder seen in the midst of all

As another enlightened one goes forward in true adventure

To begin to walk as Yeshua walked.

A new life of faith and prayer and action

Spirit led obedience with revelations

The joy of His salvation on display as sparkling jewels

Now seen most everywhere;

Many eyes have been opened

Ears begin to hear sweet whispers of Heaven

The Calming Voice of the Holy Spirit

Rich within the heart,

Fearless abundance always near!

Then, another woman who has tasted “death to self”,

A true disciple who experiences the Cross, stands strong

Israel’s Messiah’s door always opens to her

And to any other who hungers

To any man who thirsts with peculiar, perplexing emptiness,

Any one who walks the streets of loneliness

Whether prostitute, actress or socialite, rich or poor

Those who seem mysteriously separated from the world

With the inner comfort of “belonging” missing,

Illusive and vague, always just beyond the hand’s reach,

Yet, with a new desire that stirs within

As the Sovereign God, the Holy Father draws one more soul to His Son,

To the rescue, freedom and abundant fulfillment

Discovered in mankind’s Savior and King, the Firstborn Son.