To capture and hold a moment in time,

Throw a hand net over a flock of birds on the wind

Or to cup the endless seas in your hands,

What is impossible for mankind

Simply always possible for God;

Human effort alone always falls short,

No matter how high or how deep

The hands of a woman or man can reach,

In the end they return empty,

Dry stale bread of religion

Instead of Living Bread from Heaven.

As a believer

A true believer, follower of Yeshua Messiah

Our roots grow daily deeper in trust

Our branches daily grow wider in love

Our fearless confidence freely walks the Earth

Strong hands of peaceful assurance always very near

A new song of gladness rests within

Endurance is carried forward once more

For we truly know Him.

As the Lord’s ready soldiers of peace

We truly glow for Him

The Captain of Heaven’s Army of Light

Spirit Warrior who destroyed death

And its dark predator- Lucifer.

In a future moment the Father alone holds near,

Faster than birds and as one,

The greatest flock will rise into the angelic clouds

Within the net of love, our believers’ hope fulfilled

To meet the Lord in His triumph, our triumph

Our Savior in His eternal victory, our eternal victory!