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The undiscovered power of prayer

Found in intimacy with God

The Spirit of the Lord sharpens each sword with a brilliance

Living Words of our Messiah deep within

Daily heightens the greatest divide clearly shown

Eternal survival found in separation from this present world made known.

Complete dependence on the Lord’s loving kindness today

Total trust in His help to walk each unique step along our way

With discernment and wisdom

Even cunning and shrewdness

To live out a clean life of love ever more;

The destiny of all God’s children

Taste of eternal sweetness on the lips

Fountain of truth from the mouth

Stream of living water from the heart,

Oh, to walk in Heavenly peace in this troubled day

Through the disorder and chaos of the world.

The present world, a ready playground for liars who rule, or seek to rule

Always at war, nation against nation

Divisions within, divisions without

Neighbor against neighbor

A man or woman at war within themselves,

Greed driven, fear controlled

As Satan wages his futile, losing battle.

But You Holy Lord have made us to walk purely

As children of Truth

Sons and daughters who have learned to love first

With an undivided heart and soul,

Our thoughts filled with You

Ears that can hear angel songs

Eyes that see more clearly

More of only You, our Lord Messiah!

We know soon we will walk the streets of New Jerusalem

After Israel’s national repentance,

And see You and Your Glory

Our prayers as purest incense rise before Your Throne.

      The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness.