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The plans of God dovetail

Exquisitely in artful, living drama

Come down from above and settle within

As a Holy Spirit Word spoken-

“Only hold on to what you have.”

The most intricate workings of human beings

Established and fully embraced by our God who loves

Who cares for each one that walks the Earth,

Our Creator who sees the end from the beginning.

In perfect timing

In perfect ways and places

People in circumstances brought uniquely together

For fulfillment of His greater purposes,

Doors that open wide

Doors that shut securely

Hearts that join

Wisdom and discernment grown together

As a trail through a thick forest

Or sometimes a desert waste,

Up and down mountains

Even through river valleys rich in gardens and orchards

All as a work of love in faith;

Understanding holds the hand of trusts in this good journey

And matures into a bountiful, ripened fruit!

One man, once lost, wandered alone

And somehow becomes a Kingdom priest

A servant of many, a friend of the greatest One,

The Engineer above all engineers

The only true problem solver

The only creative force of lasting good

Who anchors as our Rock,

Our future now brighter and brighter

Our future more beautiful,

Always more safe and secure.

      The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness.