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As  strangers on the Earth

We walk about now,

We live and come and go

But never really belong!

Long before, during years of wandering

Perplexed, alone in quiet inner torment

Conflicted emotions, confused understanding

And other things hidden deep within the soul

Intellect expanded, stretched and twisted

Thoughts that roared through the heavens,

And yet, fell flat to the Earth

Come the return of the heaviest reality,

The ever present mysteries of death and life,

Emptiness of the heart

To escape from

Or to embrace in despair?

Oh, to simply be another lost one in this World

The human walk of slow, ignorant and methodical Self destruction.

At my lowest point a different, unexpected streak of light

Settled like angel wings,

A revelation from without came within-

“Believe to begin to know”…

Immediately I knew I could

Then I bowed and reached out,

With a peaceful seed of new faith

I forever chose the “Way of Truth”!

      The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness.