They’re quiet before the Lord

Once more with innermost pleasure, in prayer

Deepest heart meditations

Holy eternal words flow wonderfully through the mind

In greatest creative power

Heaven’s peace, Messiah’s peace

As whitest linen covers the soul

Robes of confident warmth wrapped about the human spirit;

The Holy Spirit of Yeshua clothes the being

Assurance soars high above the earth

Knowledge beyond this world,

Tears of gladness flow

As the bodies formed in love bow low

In the treasure of true humility

In grace discovered before the Throne of Holiness.

He rises in new strength to serve

She rises in new assurance to live out her life

Both in the freedom of powerful trust;

Ears that can hear from very far away

Eyes that can now penetrate Heaven

And understand the music and songs of angels

Such beauty beyond a young woman’s body

Purist beauty of the spirit, beauty of the soul,

Eternal beauty fully embraced

In what will never fade away

A true Gift from the Kingdom of Love

The priceless love of the King made known

Revelation for her and for him the same

Forever within their hearts.

      The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness.