Simple Song

1.) I’m in God’s sunshine today

     I’m in God’s sunshine to stay

     To walk this humble Earth

     In joy and in love

     I’m in the sunshine today!

Chorus: We plant good seeds

                 We sow in love

                  This work of joy

                  With simple prayers

                  Rich gifts from above

                  What all children need!

2.) The brightness of your new glow

      Spirit shines from those I see

      Those within the Church

      And ones soon to be

      The new brightness of your glow!

3.) Love poured into our new hearts

      Love poured into our new lives

      We all walk in hope

      In faith that we sow

      Your love poured out of our hearts!

4.) Our new lives have smiles again

      Peace flows within and without

      We stand in rich love

      We stand in pure joy

      These hearts have new smiles again!

      *The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness.