To honor our God

To please, to bless our Lord

What higher calling?

What greater purpose in personal destiny

What better challenge in life’s adventure

To walk as a pure vessel

A body of honor

Human temple of God’s Spirit

In cleanliness

In purity of steadfast love,

Graciousness lived out in honesty

Seen often in covenant marriage

Seen in the innocence of virginity regained

The renewed strength of preserving your body in moral health

Your spirit-soul clothed in heavenly white

Your body a delightful temple glowing more beautifully

Growing stronger, richer

Made ready to blossom as a living fragrance

Aroma of our Creator

Given to bear good fruit in freedom

Good seeds continually spread about

On garden Earth, His Earth

With a passionate prayer

Always on the lips,

Streams up from the heart,

In a swirling atmosphere sweet and fresh about the mind.

We will walk forever

From this day forward

As new vessels of purity in Scripture truth

At the very footstool of our Lord

So near the threshold of Heaven’s Throne,

In living worship of our High Priest, our King.

   “The Glory of God is seen in the Light of His Holiness“.