Israel’s only Messiah holds the keys

All power, all authority in Sovereign control

Before, now and after,

He who wields the most powerful Sword of the Spirit,

The Eternal Guardian of the Door

Gate of the Third Heaven

Kingdom Door between Heaven and Earth

Life and death

Hope and despair

Meaning and nothingness

Joy and sorrow

Inner peace and inner torment,

The coming New Jerusalem and the “Lake of Fire”,

Abundance and emptiness.

The free flowing choice of human will

Up from down in  the “Valley of Decision”

Good versus evil

Godliness versus wickedness

Light versus darkness

Love chosen over hatred,

Gracious mercy to be received over inward bitterness

To humbly walk the Earth in divinely gifted faith

Or to stubbornly rebel against the only hand of kindness.

The Holy Spirit Sword of Truth cuts both ways

As Yeshua’s Light radiates in all brilliance

Reflected in flashes from His Sword

And who among us all will bow?

Who will take His loving hands

Then, walk through that waiting Door,

Gate of belief wide open for His sheep

Fearless, dead to the world

Alive fully to Heaven;

Dead to self

Alive forever in resurrection power

A new life given, a new body promised,

And now a new joy to walk this Earth in confident peace!

   “The Glory of God is seen in His Light of Holiness.”