True wisdom rests in peace

The very peace of our God

As Messiah spoke, as He speaks

As Yeshua gave, as He gives,

Divine peace from the treasures of Heaven

Given freely to each of us.

We celebrate in greatest trust

Triumph displayed in our soul’s worship

Our prayers offered as songs of victory always before us

Delicate, lovely melodies

Always in strong rhythmic flow

New creative sounds

Old instruments and marvelous new ones as well

In sharp and clearest beauty

In gracious loveliness as the fresh atmosphere of triumph

Always about us;

Our prayers do flow as that crystal river

Hearts of men and women poured out

Living sacrifices before the Holy Throne,

The love of God’s children

For eternal Israel’s King of all true Jews

For Messiah Yeshuah, our First and Last

Our Beginning and our End

Our Alpha and Omega,

Our Lord!

***The glory of God is seen in the Light of His holiness.