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Loving arms reach out

With hands that touch

Out of kindness birthed

The free gift of life,

Eternal comfort wraps about

As the warmest blanket

On a cold and damp day,

A day when so few

Can stand true

Ready to live out generously

The love that should flow

The peace that should brightly show.

As dark clouds over America seek to swallow all

Vessels of Light, vessels of Heavenly care

Walk among the crowds

On the streets, in the neighborhoods

Along Texas country roads,

Gentle hearts seek to plant a few good seeds

Some here and some there,

To unfold and reveal a living parable

As the winds purely carry

These long also to water so many others

Stuck often in dry ground

Struggling ones who must grow

Who must rise up in strength

To bear good fruit

And shine within

Then shine without,

To reach their branches upwards

And outwards

A new tree in healthy brilliance,

In the pleasure of existing

In honor and thanksgiving

All in destined worship of the Greatest Farmer,

The Lord of the Harvest.