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Lonely soul

You wonder why

When up above many birds easily fly

How is it that down below

You look above

And can only wonder why?

In dreams at night

The mind can soar

Both far away

And very near

Simple ways in simple times

To reach the sky

And touch a cloud.

At last, honest prayer with humble words

To bow upon the Earth

Invisible things

The spiritual realm

To touch that  hand

To feel His heart

In Spirit winds that lift high above

Beyond the mind

Beyond mere eyes.

Comfort encloses

Encouragement wraps about each moment

Tears wiped clean

A most tender touch

What is empty

So easily filled

With honest prayer and humble words,

The beauty of Heaven now revealed

Living Words, Bible Words

Secrets soon made known

True wonders of your life clearly shown,

Pure light of your future in hand

Lonely one, lonely no more!