Simple Song Lyrics

1.) One act of love

     Done in faith

     Done in faith;

     One act of love

     Done in faith

     Done, in faith!

Repeat Chorus:

     We take another step

     Towards the Lord

     Towards the Lord;

     We take another step

     Towards the Lord

     Towards, the Lord!

2.) Trembling hands

      From a trembling heart

      From a trembling heart;

      Trembling hands

      From a trembling heart

      From, a trembling heart!

3.) A child, of God

      In holiness

      In holiness;

      A child of God

      In holiness

      In, holiness!

4.) The purest Light

      Of His Throne

      Of His Throne;

      The purest Light

      Of, His Throne!

***”Star Wars” thought- As the God who spoke all stars including our sun into existence and gave names to all of them, so the Lord Yeshua who also calls Himself the Bright Morning Star, the Lord through whom all things were created will one day cause the stars to fall away like figs dropping from a tree as final judgment on our rebellious Earth unfolds.  And this includes all the deceitful fantasies spun about other life forms besides holy angels and demonic fallen angels.  The sky will be rolled up like a scroll.  And everything will be made new.