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**We are born “twice” to worship God in eternity!



A Heavenly Seed planted in love

True Gift from above

Divine forgiveness wrapped in an earthly bundle;

Who can buy a soul

Who can touch a heart

Who can grasp the humility of Messiah’s soul lived out

Even the revelation of the greatest mystery,

Always unknown to Earth bound mankind, rooted in its dirt

Undesired truth, without even natural hunger or thirst for divine reality,

For simple understanding of being alive

Of existence and meaning, purpose of will

And the greatest knowledge through the Cross-

Dying to live in human spirit rebirth!

Israel’s Messiah Yeshua and His Cross the only bridge to Heaven

A miraculous journey across the impossible divide, the eternal abyss!

Just another cross among others set on a common hill near Jeusalem,

Arrogant Old Roman brutality on proud display

Yet, the royal secret is shown openly

Given to all near and far away, in both time and place,

Resounds as trumpets blasting

Powerful echoes across the heavens.

But, then, only a few could really see

Fewer could begin to honestly hear;

In the Gift of spiritual rebirth

All are openly called

A clear trumpet sounds in their life circumstances

A new, most beautiful song begins to move within

A Presence, Mysterious Peace becomes a mystery no more

To the man chosen to eat the Bread of Heaven

To the woman chosen to drink the New Wine of eternal life.

          Merry  Christmas to you!