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Oh, Gift of Life,

How beautiful in purity

How lovely in Majesty

Eternal Wisdom radiant in the blazing eyes;

Yes, Savior, in power and greatest authority

In most tender, gentle goodness

Kindness in purest Spirit flow from Heaven’s Throne

River of the water of life

Crystal clear waters flow down the great street of New Jerusalem.

Much like the branches from the royal Tree of Life

That spread far and wide

Bearing the richest fruit in abundance

Continually renewed month by month

Day by day without end.

How wonderful to reach out and touch this splendor

Water as liquid jewels pour forth through hands and fingers

And the fruit that hangs heavy,

The taste of the exquisite delicacy

Beauty of all life, all Creation,

Eternal life freely given!

Because the nations had drunk their fill of evil

Emptying their cups of wickedness to the last drop

Choking it down greedily

Till their bellies burst,

Justice from the King of Glory followed in righteousness

And His Earth was swept clean

Every body of water purely filtered

The sea of all nations purified

All air around and above like the fragrance and aroma of Heaven;

Only the eternal beauty

Only the work of His hands

Truly forever remains.