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Only in prayer and worship we draw near

Into the Holy Presence,

We stand before You, oh Lord

Humble servants

Filled with Holy knowledge

Your heart made known to us

All the goodness of Heaven revealed

By Your path of righteousness

Walked faithfully on Earth

You alone opened the door to life.

Your Holy Spirit has moved

The Breath of Life now within us

Unspeakable Gift from above

Settled as that dove within

Prayers with tears a simple offering

Sacrifice of praise with joy from our mouths

All that we have

All that will stand in eternity

Treasures from your hand, our God.

Who has known peace but your children

Who has tasted courage but those You have embraced,

Who has stood strong but those clothed with Your Spirit?

Songs of joy flow forth

Music of thanksgiving to our God

Words in the Spirit a river of gladness

Even in dances an offering of worship.

Eyes behold the Beauty

Ears hear all the secrets of Heaven

All beauty found in You

Every good seed

Every crumb of manna

The Bread of the Third Heaven

Wine of New Life we celebrate,

Triumph of our lives

In You and through You;

All a thank offering

To the praise of your Glory

And the honor of Your Holy Name.