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I was lost in my youth

Learning both good and evil

With trial and error a crude measuring stick,

Hands reached for what was glowing

What seemed moral and bright

A path of strength and beauty.

But, in the end it crumbled

Just a pathway of small pieces

Laying on the ground.

The search for truth vague at first

As a trail through the desert

Unforgiving winds of time and circumstances

Blowing sand here and there

Covering footsteps as soon as they were made,

Meaning and purpose illusive at best,

The will growing numb, depression nipping at the heels.

Friendship and love brightened with the colorful sunrise,

But somehow faded at each sunset;

I’ve often wandered in circles

Simply wearing myself out,

Loving others frequently

Though rarely ever “in love”.

Until a gentle lightning bolt from Heaven

Struck the heart

Raced up into the mind

And eventually filled the “spirit experience” with peace,

Freely with Living Words, ancient Bible Words

Written and lived out long ago

Timeless Words and timeless faith gracefully acted out,

Eternal Presence of the Eternal Creator  made known!

Life and death, Heaven and Earth

The ways of this World and all those who love it,

My choice became dramatically clear and crisp

With  the Shepherd standing near both in humility and glory!

Now a truly beautiful woman at my side

In love more than at the beginning,

We stride confidently forward together

We laugh at the future,

Our joy already eternal.