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**Written after reading a piece by Jan Willem van der Hoeven **

A Teacher of the Living Word

Paul raised up again from his knees

Hands of worship still lifted High,

Prayer, the Apostle’s most diligent, practical work!

As Heaven’s incense mixed with Paul’s prayers

Ascended before the Throne of his Lord,

Trumpets sounded from countless angels

Holy fire from beneath the Throne, thrown precisely upon the Earth;

Even as those years before when Israel’s Messiah challenged Peter,

Commanded absolute faithfulness

To love and serve the greatest flock,

Tears ran from Peter’s eyes

As young John watched and listened

Tears of total love moved, flowed from the depths of his being,

To serve and honor his King!

This very day the same Voice commands

All who have ears to hear

All who know Him

Who have fully drank the cup of salvation,

Fully tasted redemption, even baptism in the Holy Spirit

Those who stand firmly, strong as the same Cross in sight

Warriors of true love

Hands of kindness always reach out to others

Impartial and compassionate

Faithful in prayer and service

To love God’s children, both young and old, near and far

Always lifting a cup of cool water to dry, thirsty lips

A Word of love, a touch of kindness

Just as the leading disciples of long ago,

To feed the sheep

Comfort the lambs

And care for the flock of the Lord Almighty.