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Fishermen lower their nets

Drag for red snapper

Maybe orange roughy,

Cod, tuna, salmon and deeper for halibut,

Nets that spread far and wide

Deep into the seas

Far into the oceans to gather a rich harvest.

The Spirit of the Lord always works on the Earth

Thousand times thousands of holy angels also gather

Busy with perfection carried on winds of scented prayers,

Yes, work the works of our Lord, their Lord.

Human lives throughout the nations

Come, and then they go

Rise up and sit down

Lay down and sleep, awaken once more

Stand up refreshed, sustained by our God;

Good  words are spoken, searching hearts seek to hear

Books and articles, sermons in abundance

Spiritual things read by many.

Then, the ancient Holy Book in a multitude of languages

Is spread across the world

Passed from hand to hand

Father to son, mother to daughter

Generation to generation.

The Holy Spirit of Israel’s Messiah moves powerfully

The net of Yeshua very large

The net of the Lord runs very deep

Incredible circumstances artfully designed as an exquisite tapestry

Within cultures, within every language,

Within individuals, within nations!

The holy net of redemption continues to widen

Timeless Salvation spreads across, through all the Earth

Every generation from the beginning to the end!

As Peter and Andrew, James and John and the many others

True fishers of men and women

One in the market with Paul

One along a road with Philip

And then another “woman at the well” with Gary.

The prize of Heaven

Harvest of eternity

More than a banquet

But a continual marriage feast and celebration

Set, prepared in honor before the only King;

Caring arms of the Lord very strong

Peacefully reach today very deep into the sea of all humanity.