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One footstep of belief follows another

The life we now live

In faith from above,

In simple child-like obedience

Ears have heard Messiah’s gracious call

With gentle sounds, a gentle touch,

Footsteps now travel the Shepherd’s path

Revealed to us one day at a time

In the only journey of true love and peace

Where prayerful Spirit revelation empowers us,

Strengthens us to walk through this world

This life of personal conflict,

Sometimes seemingly very lonely

Yet, walking always in victory

Always triumphant

Surrounded by the secret, invisible Presence

Unseen by most

Unheard by nearly all

God’s wisdom wrapped about us in comfort

The glorious end seen from mostly humble beginnings

Confidence the constant companion,

Never alone

Never without each honest need met

Until the majestic goal is finally reached

Salvation of the soul fully lived out,

Each life a finished, creative  work from the beginning!