*In honor of my younger sister Sherry who recently was taken from the earth and her body!

Love in kindness triumphs

As the Lord of Compassion closely watches

Sees us, hears us

Knows our thoughts and needs,

Chooses us to know Him.

What is impossible for every man, every woman

Is possible for God,

The ultimate existential dilemma of human nature

A thick wall of darkness and deceit about the soul

Is pierced and destroyed by the Sword of the Spirit of Messiah,

Set free to run a different race

Flowers of unimagined beauty line this path

Fragrance of eternal life carries on every breeze

The aroma of Israel’s Yeshua everywhere a delight

Purest pleasure in friendship, in divine fellowship

Our King of Holiness on His Throne

Radiant with joy

Surrounded by all His children!