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The young man’s soul burns for perfection

A child’s lonely anguish is misunderstood

Frustration piled upon frustration

Good is never good enough,

The best always falls short

Tears of anger well up

Relationships fleeting, friendships too shallow

Who can make sense?

Who can rescue or deliver from this world’s endless maze?

Finally by chance a single word is heard- Jesus/Yeshua”,

Then, “Believe,

Just believe in Me”.

His soul is startled

Spirit pierced

Mind jolted,

As wind, a sudden rush of new understanding

Simplicity of just believing

And the door of faith suddenly stands open;

Clearly before the inner eyes

This wonderful door now thrown wide open

Belief followed by faith begin to usher each step along a path of discovery.

Without a single backwards glance

This starving spirit and soul takes hold of Heaven’s food

Living Bread and Living Water from the “Word made flesh”,

He begins to look upon the “Perfection of Eternal Beauty”

The only possible path to perfection, In His blazing eyes,

This One who becomes his peace and rest at last!