A good day of soothing rain

The earth comforted, bathed as a small child

In a little tub, a small summer pool

Pampered, spoiled by the loving mother

By a family taking greatest pleasure

In this new life so beautifully vibrant

As a pearl key opening a door to much happiness;

What can be said but thanksgiving

What can be shown but true gladness.

The earth itself is in labor to give birth

Intense moments in days of anguish

Consuming moments in days of many tears

Millennia of conflicts and frustrations brought to a shrill pitch,

Until the soon new creation of all things

Even a new heaven and a new earth.

For now, new men in spiritual rebirth stand with new hearts

First fruit of new women in spiritual rebirth glow with lasting beauty;

The earth can stand comforted, the earth soothed and uplifted

Refreshing, cleansing rain

Foretaste of freedom in life from above

Soon to be fulfilled.