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Goodness with confidence

Rest assured, the Day is coming

The Day longed for, hoped for

A Day unlike any other

One without the setting sun

A continual brightness

Seen in their countenance, the glow of the myriad saints

The glowing beauty in their eyes,

The glow in the King’s City- Jerusalem,

The glow of Messiah our King!

Waters of life will flow

Going out, even to the distant seas

Bringing forth may things to marvel at

Purest water, cleanest water

Abundant Fountain of Heavenly youth

As a common joy for all.

A foretaste now wells up within us

A few drops begin here, a steady trickle there

And then a small and growing stream dances along.

Yes, it is a foretaste, a tiny sampling

Yet, a Rock Solid proof we carry within

Eternal goodness seen and tasted daily

As we move toward our fulfillment,

As we are carried along

In the Holy Spirit crystal stream of our Lord!