Wonderful day of harvest

Joy of touching a man’s soul

Beauty of encouraging a woman’s spirit

Delight of following the Shepherd

As He steps and leads into one person’s life

Then another, and always another

Fields of wheat ripe as was spoken

Grain made ready, hearts made willing

Ears and minds made able

To hear, to understand

Rich mysteries of Heaven revealed

One “Seed of Promise” at a time

Longings come true

Deepest yearning as thirst

Satisfied from a Holy Temple Vessel

Overflowing with Living Water,

How blessed the servant who offers the drink

Who lifts the cup to dry, parched lips

Drops of Spirit revelation

Then an eternal flow of truth

A stream becomes the “crystal clear River of Healing”

And the new man, the new woman

Stand upright at last in new divine strength

Lift their voices in songs of praise

Their arms and hands in honor and worship!