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The God of details

Infinite grasp of His Heavens

And His Earth,

All the grains of sand held in one hand

All the stars of all the galaxies in the other.

Each cloud ever formed above, shaped artistically

Blended with every dramatic sunset

As a glowing canvas of gladness displayed,

Spread across the sky each morning the same

In the trumpeted beauty of a new day given the wonder of birth.

How much greater a child emerging from his or her mother’s womb,

A river of joy overflows its banks

Floods into a life with such a gift of wonder;

“The streams of God very full.”

Abundance the supreme signature written across the sky

Radiant light but a hint of the brilliance soon to be revealed

As Israel’s Eternal King

Strides gloriously down the Mount of Olives

Into His Jerusalem Temple.

That day will come

When Heaven’s books are opened wide

And the Judge of all will forever make known

With every detail recorded

Each word, each thought, each action good or evil

Weighed in the delicate balance of Holy Spirit love, grace and truth;

And, finally, THE BOOK OF LIFE

Sacred and true in faithfulness

Just and loving in obedience

Honest and pure in worship,

Those written, those named who stood strong till the end.

The faithful redeemed of the Lord

Chosen ones who chose Yeshua Messiah above life and breath

And everything else.